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A Brief History of the SimplyPerfect Products Company

Perfect Patch smalIt all began when the founder of SimplyPerfect Products wanted a better solution for fixing a problem many people face… a damaged area of drywall, in this case a rather large hole left by a toggle bolt used to hang a heavy clock.

Unable to find an existing repair kit that would restore the wall to ‘like new’ condition, that is, without leaving that unsightly bump all of the existing kits left behind, the SimplyPerfect Products Company took on the challenge to find a better solution.After experimenting with different repair techniques that would completely eliminate the unsightly bump it became apparent that the best method for a smooth drywall repair needed to begin from inside the wall rather than the common ‘quick-fix’ method of attaching a thin piece of metal or nylon mesh to the outside of the wall.

Perfect Patch large
The “inside-out” experimenting led to a unique method that can be sanded completely smooth and leaves behind a drywall repair with no noticeable bump.

Numerous methods of attaching the key elements of the new kit to the inside of the wall were tested, most with less than desirable results. Fortunately, at about this time, Gorilla Glue® developed a new adhesive product that was exceptionally strong and would bond in a matter of seconds. This made the repair fast and easy enough for anyone with a few common hand tools to successfully accomplish.

Gorilla Super Glue™ quickly became an important element in the kit, actually making the repair strong enough to allow a nail to be driven into it…a characteristic few other kits can match. The SimplyPerfect Drywall Repair Kit now had everything necessary for the perfect drywall repair…it was Easy, Strong…and Invisible.